Organized Potential is a husband and wife professional organizing team, servicing Greater Victoria, Central Saanich, North Saanich and Sidney, that has seen first-hand the benefit of focusing our goals, simplifying our lives, and getting organized.  We understand the challenges of maintaining an organized home, office, or schedule in our increasingly busy world.  We realize that every person, and family, will need customized solutions to fit their lives and goals.  We aim to assist in a positive, non-judgmental way, to get organized your way.



Organizing Services

Organized Potential will come to your home or office and help you realize the benefit of organized living spaces to fit your needs.  We tackle projects such as an overflowing closet, an unworkable workshop, a non-relaxing bedroom, or a storage room that scares you just to think about.  Perhaps you want to increase the efficiency of your kitchen so you can fit in a few more home cook meals to your schedule, or you cannot find your desk under all that paper.  Maybe it is all of the above and more.  For more information on organizing packages: click here.

clock1Time Management and Work-Family Balance

A few years ago we realized that our schedule was out of control and we were not doing the activities we loved to do.  This really hit home for us as our family grew and the importance of spending time as a family became too hard to ignore.  We made a conscious decision to make what we thought at the time were ‘sacrifices’.  I am proud of the quality time we now spend as a family and the only sacrifices were things that did not add any value to our lives.  We love to share our techniques of looking at our goals and our available time and to help people make the necessary changes to free up valuable time to have that right balance.  For more information on Work/Life balance: click here



Home Sale Preparation/Downsizing

We do not call ourselves home stagers as we focus on organizing your home before listing, selling, and moving.  The end result is usually a much more presentable home to prospective buyers and a far less stressful move once it sells.  It can be overwhelming to discover just how much we have accumulated over the years.  We can help with the sorting, the packing of the keepers, and finding new homes for the items that will not add value to you after you move. For more information on Home Sale Preparation: click here.